GoFetch Pay puts patients first

Introducing the app that helps your patients get care. No fees, no integrations. Accepted everywhere, every time, for any care.

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Why GoFetch?

3 reasons why vet clinics love GoFetch

GoFetch is not an insurance company. We offer a unique financing option that can help pet owners with any veterinary expense—wellness visits, pre-existing conditions, dental care, food, medications, and more.

  • Get paid directly and immediately

    Clinics get paid directly, in full, every time. There are no fees, new tools, new workflows or risks to your practice.

  • Remove the stress at checkout

    No more upfront out-of-pocket costs for your clients as they wait for their insurance reimbursement.

  • Peace of mind for your clients

    We provide a safety net for all things not covered by pet insurance, like pre-existing conditions and more!

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GoFetch Pay is a game-changer for vet clinics

Vet teams are being asked to do more for their patients and clients than ever before. GoFetch is here to help and work with you.

  • Eliminates the challenges of upfront, out-of-pocket expenses by paying the vet directly

  • Safety net payment plans for up to $10,000—no interest for 45 days

  • Use existing merchant terminals and POS systems—no new tools or workflows

  • Your staff receive priority support from our team to help with marketing more more

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Works with any insurance coverage

From accident-only to comprehensive care. Pet parents with pet health insurance get GoFetch Pay for free.

Exclusive Launch Partner

ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance policyholders get exclusive access to GoFetch Pay for FREE!

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GoFetch is accepted everywhere care is provided

Because pet owners don't have to worry about costs, the best treatment choice becomes the best option for care.

Connect with us to learn more and your clinic's next coffee break is on us. ☕


GoFetch Pay is a hit
with pet parents

It was a seamless process for both me and my vet.

“GoFetch seemed too good to be true, so I went with the expectation that I’d be using a different form of payment, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

— Ashley, Texas

I signed up and already used it for Rosie’s vet visit!

"It was easy peasy, and I love it. Already submitted a claim with my pet insurance to pay GoFetch, and I’ll need pay the balance. So helpful."

— Renee, Washington

GoFetch Pay will help a lot of people

"When using GoFetch Pay, the clinic asked me what it was. I told them how awesome the app is and it saved me a lot stress. I could pay for the vet visit and get all the care we needed, and then file my claim."

— Lea, Florida